Written By: admin
April 14, 2020

Closed Sportsbooks

The following online sportsbooks have been previously reviewed by WagerLineSports.com and have gone out of business for whatever reason. We try to find out why they did, and what this means to the players. Here they are:

While going through the older reviews on wagerlinesports.com, we found 12 online sportsbooks that have either shut down or have significantly changed their business model making them lose their original purpose. Meaning, no longer a sportsbook that is trusted.

  • Eurobet Sportsbook | Migrated to Eurobet.it
  • TheSportsbook.com
  • BetEd.com
  • BetOnline.com
  • AllYouBet
  • Centrebet Sportsbook Migrated to Easybet
  • Doxxbet
  • Sports-1.com
  • Superbook.com
  • Totesport.com
  • Smart Live Sportsbook (from the defunct, Smart Live Casino brand)
  • Wagerchief.com